Surfing Animals Club by Nadine Röder

Hi, my name is Nadine and I am an artist, illustrator, and children’s book author from Germany.

Nature and wildlife have always moved and fascinated me in my life. My traditional hand-drawn illustrations are all about wonderful places in nature, being outdoors, surfing, adventures, camping, hiking, road trips, and more.

I love to create my drawings with mixed media, like ink, watercolor, gouache, oil, colored pencils, chalk, soft painting pastels, etc.

Already as a child, I was enthusiastic about picture books and stories which inspire me until today. Thus, in 2017, my idea of the story about Gaston, the duck, and Philippe, the fox, who were destined to be great surf pals, was born. The two are the proud owners of the SURFING ANIMALS CLUB surf school. They teach their students all they need to know about surfing, for example, how waves originate or why currents can be dangerous in the sea. There never is a dull moment with their surfing students because there is always something exciting going on, regardless of whether it is a common surf session, a camping or hiking adventure, or just cozy evenings at the campfire. Together they live in their own little world, in idyllic Duckfornia, close to the sea. It’s a unique world of happiness and friendship.

Here you can meet the SURFING ANIMALS CLUB crew:

In 2019 I have published my first picture book, “GASTON and PHILIPPE – How a duck taught a fox to surf”, followed by the second one „GASTON and PHILIPPE – The Surf School“ which has been launched in 2021.

Through the SURFING ANIMAS CLUB story, I like to convey a happy, innocent, dreamy, heart-warming, and easy mood to people’s daily life so that they can dive into the lovely world of these adorable characters.

If you are interested in any of my illustrations for licensing, I will be happy to hear from you: hello(at)nadineroeder.com


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