A story about friendship, surfing, adventures, and more, written and illustrated by Nadine Roeder
since 2017

The SURFING ANIMALS CLUB is a surf club and surf school which was founded by two best pals, Gaston, the duck, and Philippe, the fox. They teach their students all they need to know about surfing, for example, how waves originate or why currents can be dangerous in the sea. There never is a dull moment with their surfing students because there is always something exciting going on, regardless of whether it is a common surf session, a camping or hiking adventure, or just cozy evenings at the campfire. Together they live in their own little world, in idyllic Duckfornia, close to the sea. It’s a unique world of happiness and friendship.


Meet the crew


This duck is an excellent surfer. Already his ancestors have been great surfers. So it’s obvious that this duck masters the duck dive like no other. Gaston is a kind and patient character by nature. He enjoys helping others and is a great surf coach. As Gaston is a Runner duck, he cannot fly which fact he tries to hide from others. Traveling with Philippe, his best friend, is the best thing on earth to him. Louis, the little scallop, is his housemate and they live together in a cozy Woodhouse close to the beach.



He is a very loyal, determined character and he is a true friend. His best friend is Gaston, the duck who once taught him to surf. Philippe is a dedicated team player and he is very responsible when it comes to taking care of the Club members. With Gaston, he is always up for an adventure. Tea is his favorite drink and he is addicted to beanies which he loves to knit by himself.


Thierry is not an average mole. He is an incredibly good longboard surfer who is always stoked. As a result of this chilled mood, he is usually late and loves sleeping. Thanks to his good nose, he is an avid mushroom picker. However, he prefers to leave the cooking to his buddy Jack. He lives in a semi-underground cave house, which is irresistibly cozy.


Jean is constantly the first one in the waves and the last one who is out of the water when it’s about surfing. He loves naps and sunny weather. As a proud member of the Surfing Animals Club, he is ever willing to offer advice and help to others. Adventures are always welcome and he truly loves his surf buddies.


This little scallop is Gaston’s housemate. They live together in a cozy Woodhouse with the sea right outside the front door. Louis is bored with other scallops, because those have no interest in surfing. His heart skips a beat when Rosie, the little seahorse, is around. Even though he’s such a small character, he doesn’t miss anything that happens around him.


This cute little robin is an inquisitive and brave bird. He never gives up, even when he probably should. As a result he remains delightful hopeful. With his slightly clumsy way of going through life, he’s so adorable that you just have to love him.


This frog is not really a good surfer, but he is rather relaxed about it. His true talent is his guitar playing and everyone loves to listen to his wonderful music. He’s a good-humored and sociable guy. Next his comfortable cottage he has a vegetable garden and he often invites to a cozy dinner at his home. Everyone loves those evenings, because he is a gifted cook and great host.